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The Board comprises of leaseholders who are unpaid volunteers in their roles.

Chair of the Board: Chris McKenna
Board Director: Chris Branagh
Board Director: Els De Geest

The Board meets at regular intervals to review the management of the building and convenes the Annual General meeting.

The mission of the Board is to ensure that Royal View is managed to a high standard. In order to achieve this the Board:

  • Appoints the Managing Agents
  • Liaises with the Managing Agents
  • Quality assures the work of the Managing Agents
  • Reports maintenance issues to the Managing Agents
  • Ensures that the building is regularly inspected
  • Initiates small improvements to the environment
  • Consults with all leaseholders regarding major works
  • Acts as a link between leaseholders and the Managing Agents
  • Ensures that all Health & Safety issues are attended to
  • Ensures that the financial management of the building is effective
  • Ensures that residents comply with their lease conditions

To contact members of the Board, please use the Contact section.

The Management company, Pepperfox and Directors in residence have the responsibility to ensure that the common parts of the building are clean and well maintained. The Pepperfox representative regularly inspects the building as do the Directors. Maintenance needs are reported to Pepperfox who commission tradespeople to carry out the required work. Areas include the exterior of the building, the inner and outer foyers, lifts, stairs, landings, water supply, lighting in common areas, alarm system, security etc.

Should residents come across anything that requires attention, please use the contact mail address to notify us or contact Pepperfox directly.

Internal repairs of flats are the responsibility of the particular leaseholder or their tenants.

Please have a look at the managing company’s brochure: Oakley Brochure

Brighton & Hove Residential Sales

3 North Road
East Sussex

01273 688881

Brighton & Hove Residential Lettings Office

The Property Works
30‑31 Foundry Street

01273 688884


The developers, on completion of the building in 2005 owned the freehold value of the building. However during 2006/7 it was agreed by the leasehold owners of the flats that there would be a significant benefit in buying the freehold interest from the developers. Legislation allowed for this  (Leasehold Act 1993) so long as 50% of leaseholders were in agreement. During the early part of 2007 a new company was set up to act as the leaseholders ‘vehicle’ for purchasing the freehold. This company was, and is, called Grand Par Ltd. Leaseholders loaned Grand Par small amounts each and the rest of the money required was raised in the form of a bank loan (this was discharged in 2013 following fantastic support from existing freehold owners who each paid a significant amount to raise the total required).  The freehold is now held; unencumbered, by 28 of the 33 leaseholders. The remaining five leaseholders continue to pay a annual ground rent of £250, however they can, subject to appropriate valuation of the freehold value, purchase a share of the free hold. There are 33 shares in Grand Par and each freeholder owns one share and is able to exercise one vote at meetings of the company.

There are Advantages and disadvantages to owning the freehold, but it was considered that the advantages outweighed the disadvantages:


Once the freehold is aquired, full ownership of the building goes to the participating leaseholders, often via a company formed especially for this purpose (Grand Par Ltd). This has particular attractions where the management of your building leaves something to be desired. Once in the driving seat the leaseholders can select managing agents directly accountable to them or decide to self-manage. Either way, problems such as excessive insurance commissions or awarding contracts which may not give best value can be reduced.

For flat owners, as the years go by the time remaining on their lease reduces. This means the value of the flat decreasing to a point where it becomes difficult to sell to anyone other than a cash buyer. Making a flat more attractive to mortgage lenders is a key advantage of buying the freehold. When the freehold is purchased, the leases can be extended to 999 years and modernised where necessary so enhancing the value and marketability of the flats in question. Although Royal view already benefits from 999 year lease! Having a share of freehold may also be an advantage when selling a flat.


Buying your freehold is not a cure-all solution. Managing a building is a complex task with a host of laws and regulations to learn, ranging from asbestos to fire safety. For a leaseholder taking on the role of a company director, familiarity with the numerous duties and responsibilities this involves is essential. Engaging a professional and experienced managing agent to deal with the day-to-day running of the building does not absolve leaseholder-freeholders from ultimate responsibility for making sure it is done properly.

Disputes between co-freeholders are a common source of tension – and there is of course the delicate task of chasing late payers who are also your neighbours. However we do employ a Management Company to manage the day to day needs of the building and leaseholders. We also have a board of directors, who are unpaid, who oversee all aspects of the lease and freehold.

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