80 Grand Parade
Brighton BN2 9JA

Royal View is a contemporary apartment block accommodating one, two and three bedroom flats and two penthouses in two wings.The building is located in the heart of Brighton, near the Royal Pavilion; most flats having direct or indirect views of the Pavilion and Pavilion Gardens.

The block is within walking distance of the Lanes, the North Laine area, the main shopping area and the seafront. The local area provides cultural interest, including the Dome Theatre, Museum and Theatre Royal. Kemptown is nearby and offers a wide range of bars, restaurants and clubs.

There is excellent transport provision and Brighton station is within walking distance.

It is imperative that EVERY balcony soak away outlet/drain is checked and all debris removed on a regular basis (at least every 4 weeks).

If your balcony is found to be the cause of flooding to another property, whether you are a resident or a tenant, you will be liable for any damage, as there is still a high excess before any such claims can be put to insurers.

CCTV operates and records 24 hours a day throughout the building.

The entry phone system is there for everyone’s security. Please do not allow anyone into the building unless you have positively identified him or her as a genuine caller, and never wedge the entrance doors open.

The individual fire/smoke detection alarms in each apartment and the in building are very sensitive to smoke. If you have smoke from cooking in your own apartment, please open your windows/balcony doors, and do not open your front door, as the smoke will activate the main building alarm. If the alarm activates in your apartment, you can cancel this by pressing the button found on the actual alarm itself.

The lifts should only be used to move furniture and other items that are within the weight restriction clearly stated on each lift and that also fit within each lift without causing damage. If a lift is damaged by any person using it to move furniture, that person will be responsible for meeting the cost of any repair and the management company will instruct its agent to recover the repair costs in all cases without exception.

In the event of a lift breaking down, press the internal emergency button and wait for an operator to answer.

No one is to call the repair agents during out of hours service, unless in an emergency. All breakdowns are to be dealt with during normal office hours, wherever possible.

The soundproofing in these flats is good, but noise travels and can cause a considerable nuisance to your neighbours. Please try to close doors gently. Television, instrument and music noise travel through the walls and floors, if too loud. Please give consideration to your neighbours at all times and keep noise to a minimum. Under no circumstances is loud music to be played before the hours of 8am in the morning or after 11pm at night. If you are identified as causing a disturbance on a continued basis, then the Managing Agent or Letting Agent/Landlord will be notified accordingly.

The above also applies to people working in the apartments, including no drilling before 9.00am.

Apart from four spaces at the back of the building allocated to four flats, there is NO RESIDENT OR VISITOR PARKING and under no circumstances is parking permitted in the spaces at the back of the building by anyone other than those residents with the relevant permits.

If you have people working in your apartment, they must make their own parking arrangements and cannot park on site.

Anyone else found parking here will be clamped or have their vehicle towed away.

Residents are able to purchase visitors’ permits, which cost £2 each. Each permit is valid for one calendar day, and you are entitled to a maximum allocation of 50 per year (valid for one year from the date of purchase). These can be used in the appropriate parking bays around the local area. You can also apply for a resident’s permit, but there is usually a waiting list. Applications and enquiries about both types of permit can be made at:

The Parking Shop
Hove Town Hall
Tel: 01273 296662

As a rule, pets are not allowed. However, any requests for pets to be permitted on an individual basis must be made, in writing, to the Management Committee, via the Managing Agents.

All residents must use black bin liners to dispose of their household rubbish. These should be placed in the large wheelie bins provided in the bin room (situated to the rear of the building as you turn left out of the main double glass doors). The pin code for the lock is C6074.

The recycling bins are for glass, paper and tins, as labelled.

Please note: Large cardboard must be either broken up into small pieces and placed in black bin liners with normal household rubbish, or taken to the local refuse site at:

Brighton Household Waste Site
Wilson Avenue
Tel:08453 550550

No rubbish is to be left on the floor in or outside the bin room, by the recycling bins (even if the bins are full) as the refuse collectors will not remove it and might even refuse to empty the bins.

Anyone dumping rubbish around Royal View will be reported to the Managing Agent or Letting Agent/Landlord and a minimum charge of £150 will be levied for removal on each and every occasion. If tenants dump rubbish on the premises and then move out, Agents will be instructed to withhold their deposits until all outstanding charges are recovered. Furniture cannot be left in the foyer or the common ways for any length of time.

Only HOUSEHOLD rubbish should be placed in the bin room. Residents should arrange to dispose of furniture and other bulky packaging themselves. You can take this to the refuse site, as detailed above. Alternatively, for a fee, City Clean, who are responsible for street cleaning in the area, also make private rubbish collections. They can be contacted on 01273 292929, 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

The Brighton and Hove Enforcement office have the authority to, and will, prosecute individuals who are found not to be disposing of litter and rubbish in the correct manner.

Smoking is prohibited, by law, in any of the communal areas, including the lifts, stairs landings, foyer and gated area. Should you be found smoking in the communal areas the matter will be passed the managing agents who will deal with the matter accordingly, as this represents both a health and fire hazard. It could also activate the highly sensitive fire alarm system.

Throwing cigarette ends out of the windows is also strictly prohibited for obvious reasons.

Please do not leave washing out to dry on the balcony or erect washing lines. This is expressly prohibited by the terms of the lease.

Extreme caution must be adhered to, in order to prevent any escape of water, i.e. from the dishwasher, washing machine, sinks, shower or bath. All of these must be turned off when you are out of the apartment, and should not be left to run.

In the event of a leak or burst pipe, the stop cock should be turned off immediately. The individual stop cocks for each apartment are located in the service cupboards on the communal landings, outside your front door. They are numbered according to your apartment. (There is also a stop cock located inside the boiler cupboard of each apartment) WARNING: Do not store rubbish or other items bags etc in your boiler cupboard this could create a fire, it is vital the boiler cupboards are left empty so in the event of a leak this can be visible immediately. In the event of any leak you must notify your landlord/letting agent immediately by phone and this must be backed up by email. You must switch your water off until a plumber has attended to fix the problem.

There is a water meter for every flat. Excessive water consumption (20% above the average) will be charged individually to each flat so it is in residents’ own interests to use water responsibly.

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